Friday, December 23, 2011

Peg dolls - round 2

A set of peg dolls for my other daughter who is  a tomboy  a bit more adventurous.  ;-)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wooden peg dolls

I have been obsessed with peg dolls lately.

Actually - my fascination with them started decades ago. 
I think that these were my all time favorite childhood toy...and I still have quite a collection of them.

But lately, my fascination has shifted to a 'craftier' sort of peg doll, and thanks to the (highly addicting) Pinterest and Etsy websites, I've had no shortage of sources for inspiration.
It was there that I ran across this blog.

Her directions seemed easy enough, so I decided to try a few of my own as a Christmas gift for my youngest daughter, (who shares my love of the vintage Fisher Price dolls.)

I found the doll forms at my local craft store.  I bought some smaller versions, too - as my daughter is sure to want a full family.  Pleasantly, both sets were just a couple dollars each, so at least my new obsession hobby won't break our bank account.

In addition to the wooden doll forms, I had the additional supplies already on hand:  acryllic craft paints, and very tiny paintbrushes. 

I pretty much followed the tutorial step-by-step on the other blog for the first few steps.

I did use some of her clothing designs, but I tried to personalize others....
and when I was done - I had a nice little group of dolls.  :-)

There were women....

and children....

and even a set of grandparents....

but ....uh...only one guy.  

We decided that we didn't want our daughter to have to play 'Sister Wives',
so I made a few more friends for him. 

(And with that second batch I think I improved my 'hair techniques, too.) 
Hint:  dry brush and think 'wispy.'

I still need to varnish/seal them, (I'm going to try Mod Podge,)
and I'm also making them some little felt beds/sleeping bags.

Hopefully my daughter will love them as much as the Fisher Price ones.  :-)