Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wooden peg dolls

I have been obsessed with peg dolls lately.

Actually - my fascination with them started decades ago. 
I think that these were my all time favorite childhood toy...and I still have quite a collection of them.

But lately, my fascination has shifted to a 'craftier' sort of peg doll, and thanks to the (highly addicting) Pinterest and Etsy websites, I've had no shortage of sources for inspiration.
It was there that I ran across this blog.

Her directions seemed easy enough, so I decided to try a few of my own as a Christmas gift for my youngest daughter, (who shares my love of the vintage Fisher Price dolls.)

I found the doll forms at my local craft store.  I bought some smaller versions, too - as my daughter is sure to want a full family.  Pleasantly, both sets were just a couple dollars each, so at least my new obsession hobby won't break our bank account.

In addition to the wooden doll forms, I had the additional supplies already on hand:  acryllic craft paints, and very tiny paintbrushes. 

I pretty much followed the tutorial step-by-step on the other blog for the first few steps.

I did use some of her clothing designs, but I tried to personalize others....
and when I was done - I had a nice little group of dolls.  :-)

There were women....

and children....

and even a set of grandparents....

but ....uh...only one guy.  

We decided that we didn't want our daughter to have to play 'Sister Wives',
so I made a few more friends for him. 

(And with that second batch I think I improved my 'hair techniques, too.) 
Hint:  dry brush and think 'wispy.'

I still need to varnish/seal them, (I'm going to try Mod Podge,)
and I'm also making them some little felt beds/sleeping bags.

Hopefully my daughter will love them as much as the Fisher Price ones.  :-)


  1. You are so talented! Those are awesome. They have such personality. I know she will love and cherish them.

  2. Great job on their faces! These are great!

  3. Michelle, you are so TALENTED!! Those are adorable, I'm sure she will love them.

    Merry Christmas!