Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Despicable project

We have a winner!

Butomysoul  guessed both that they were "Despicable Me" minions

and also (by process of elimination, LOL) that they were slippers.  

I'll be in touch with you to go over the details about your hat (size, color, etc) 


  1. Those are awesome! I just loved that movie. :-)

  2. Quote, "A 'spicable Me slipper? That is so funny!"

  3. Any chance of getting the pattern?

  4. Hello Waltj1,

    Unfortunately I don't really have a complete pattern.
    I sort of scribbled down a few notes as I was making them, but I didn't write up an actual pattern.
    I'll see if I can grab one and try to figure out what I did exactly, and then I'll post it.
    I probably won't get to it today or tomorrow - but I'll try for later this week.